Many country properties have classic barns located on them, ripe and ready for conversion to a new use. This project focused on exactly that, and we were asked to convert an existing wool shed into a new space to be used for exercise and wellness.

We enjoyed the challenges of integrating new and old and are pleased to say that we achieved a result both we and our customers are very happy with.


The renovations at North Terrace included the addition of a master bedroom suite, complete with new ensuite and wardrobe, complete interior redecoration including new kitchen, bathroom and interior finishing works.

The additional finishing touches added value and appeal to the house through a new Kwila deck, new roof, and Linea Weatherboard accents.


A classic kiwi farmhouse suffering from a long life of service, these renovations were focused around the revitalisation of the house.

The renovations included the addition of a new master bedroom and ensuite, a new main bathroom, laundry, and spare bedroom, all built in keeping with the original house style. The extension included excavation and a new retaining wall with drainage being installed to ensure the longevity of the house.

The maintenance side of the renovation included replacement of the roof, soffit, fascia, spouting, subfloor and Rimu flooring along with portions of cladding being replaced. Most of this work required extensive re-levelling of the house and straightening of the original house framing. Following the replacement of lath and plaster linings with GIB, the classic ceiling roses, picture rails,  decorative trims and other classic features were reinstated to preserve the character of the house as a whole.


Another of our renovations to a classic kiwi home, the renovations to this house in Hororata were focused around  enhancing the quality and longevity of an original kiwi house, while preserving the classic kiwi character of an older country home.

Completed shortly after to the Canterbury earthquakes, this renovation included a re-level of the house, replacement of some of the Rimu flooring with new Rimu, solid wood panelling to the walls, installation of insulation, replacement of rot and decay due to the age of the home and modernising of the building materials in keeping with the quality homes of today, in the style of yesterday.

This renovation, like so many of our projects is one we are proud of, with a client we are glad to call a regular and loyal customer.