Earthquake Repairs


Our most recent earthquake repair, this architecturally designed pair of adjoining units on the shore of New Brighton posed some new challenges for our team to overcome.

This site provided little area for parking or access, and a site that was particularly exposed to the elements, given its close proximity to the ocean and New Brighton beach. Due to this, for a portion of the repairs we enclosed the whole building with a plastic wrapped scaffold to aid in the protection of the building elements. The repairs included the replacement of the roof, both the weatherboard and plaster cladding, all exterior aluminium joinery, internal linings, re-levelling of the foundations and the removal and replacement of the concrete floor slab in one of the units. This opportunity provided our team with a chance to test our extensive knowledge and experience in earthquake repairs on an interesting site, with a near 40 year old architecturally designed pair of homes.

As with so many of our earthquake repairs, our clients took the opportunity to update and modernise their properties, bringing them up to date with todays modern homes. We are very pleased to have been involved in this project, and are happy to add the home owners here to our list of many happy clients.


An original 1900’s villa, the major earthquake repair and renovation became one of the largest house lift and foundation replacement projects undertaken during the earthquake repairs in Canterbury. The lift was so complicated it required cutting the house in half and later stitching it back together.

This project is one of fond memory for our team, where the works to this expansive house originally built in 1908 were kept firmly in the style of the dwelling. Works included a full interior strip out, replacement of linings, wiring, plumbing, central heating, extensions to the house and the total foundation replacement, along with major structural steel and timber works. This earthquake repair and renovation demonstrated the knowledge and expertise of our team and our subcontractors.

The finishing detail comprising of exposed native timbers, with textured and specialist wallpapers imported from England, and new parquet floors, the result is one we are very proud of, and one our clients are still complimentary of some years after the project completion.

This project like so many of our earthquake repairs became a major renovation, in which we strived to enhance our clients character home and revitalise their stoic original villa into a modern-day reincarnation retaining the original character, with the support of modern materials and services.


This earthquake repair and renovation project involved the major overhaul and updating of a largely original vast homestead located in the secluded town Ohoka.
Comprising of nearly 1000m2 of floor area, the overhaul of this property included the replacement of more than 300m2 of imported Italian marble and porcelain tiles, along with a total roof replacement, and major cladding repairs. Added to this were significant structural repairs completed during the project to help ensure the dwelling survives any future earthquakes. The complicated repairs, and the timing of the project meant this towering and vast building required a full wrapping to help protect the building from the elements during the repair works.

The finishing detail to the tiling and final paintwork completed the refurbishment of the dwelling, with some carefully planned alterations to the bathrooms and an overhaul of the kitchen completing the works to this significant project. With a highly-involved client with very high expectations of finish and quality, this project was a resounding success, and one we can proudly look back on.


One of our recent earthquake repairs, this multi-unit building on the busy St Martins and Wilsons Road roundabout created numerous challenges for our team.

Limited site access, parking and the large public frontage meant that the full roof, cladding and lining replacement along with foundation re-levelling meant the challenges of this project kept our team on their toes. With the owners taking the opportunity to renovate and revitalise their units, we assisted with the replacement of Aluminium joinery, new landscaping design and construction, and renovations to the interior of the dwellings.

We are very proud of the result we achieved for our clients here, and they too are glad to call themselves a client of ours, adding this to list of our project successes.